One of the things I love about working with the wee girls in our Rainbow unit is story telling. They love being told stories and I love watching their faces as the story unfolds.

One of my favourite stories to tell them is the story of the Rainbow Fish. He is a beautiful fish with lots of shiny, sparkly scales that make him the most beautiful fish in all the sea. And he knows it. As we would say in Glasgow he fair fancies his barra! No one would play with him because he was so superior to them. This made him sad because he didn't understand why no one wanted to play with him. So he went off to ask for some advice from the Wise Octopus.

She said he had to give away his scales - but that was too much for the Rainbow Fish! Who would he be if he didn't have all those beautiful, sparkly scales to impress every one? But that remained her advice. So he took all his courage in his fins and began to give away his beautiful, shiny scales. What the Rainbow Fish discovered was that when he gave away his scales people began to like him. Not only did he like to be liked it also gave him a lovely feeling. He felt good inside.

Sometimes we can feel that we don't want to give away what is precious to us - our money, our time, our children to another person. But often we can find, just like the Rainbow Fish, that when we do life becomes more of a joy to us. . Giving away some of our time to help in a charity shop or befriending someone has to be a good feeling.

Maybe 2016 will be the year that you think about giving away something of yourself that will help someone else. Giving away a few of your shiny, sparkly scales to other people means that there will be more shine and sparkle in the world, in Scotland, in Glasgow. And we do it because God gave to us the most precious, shiny, sparkly scale of all in Jesus.